A Social Justice Curriculum

Challenging Assumptions


Part 2 of Challenging Assumptions will take the bulk of the school year. You will continue to teach many of the same lessons you’re already teaching, using whatever standards are mandated in your state. In this section of the curriculum, we break the subjects of English language arts and social studies into broad themes, such as reading and writing and civics and economics, and provide recommended resources from our website along with suggestions from real classroom teachers for you to incorporate into your existing units of study. For example, our debate kits can be used in a writing unit about persuasive arguments or a research unit about evaluating sources.



Special thanks goes to Alek Abate, Stephanie McLaughlin, Robyn Hicks, Mike Farley, Gail Frydkowski, and Nina Otazo—experienced classroom teachers who contributed their thoughts and ideas to this curriculum.

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